When To Visit The Car Dealership

Assure Car Deals explains how to win at the car dealership
Car Dealership Tips To Save

If you go by the commercials, it’s never a bad time to visit a car dealerships. Every week or weekend there’s some holiday sale or dealer incentive or fast liquidation everything-must-go and you can’t afford to miss out last chance savings bonanza. But the fact of the matter is that there are times when you are much more likely to score a better deal on your next vehicle. So let’s take a look at some insider info and see if we can’t help you before your plan your next trip to the car lot.

Wait For The End

Many of us have been told to wait to purchase our next car or truck until the end of the month. And that’s actually sound advice, but it only tells part of the story. The truth is that as long as you time your trip to the dealership at the end of any period, you’re putting yourself in position to score better savings. Even just waiting until the end of the day can put you in the winner’s circle. Why? Well, think about it.  Just like you, car salesmen start to plan their exit from the “office” as the day nears its end. If the focus is on leaving, it leaves an opening for you to push them into giving additional ground in the deal terms, whether its a price cut or some extras. If you can show them the way to a quick close, they are probably going to give in to you rather than engage you in a long-term battle of wills and inches. If you appear on the showroom floor full of pep and beaming with energy, you have the upper-hand. The same can’t be said for your appearance on the showroom floor mid-morning on Saturday with a full day of prospects ahead of them.

With a more long-term approach, consider also the end of the sales quarter. By looking toward March, June, September and December, you may find dealers offering more incentives and cuts in an effort to meet sales goals.

End Of Year Model Clearance

Pay attention to the model year cycles and look for opportunities to save on last year’s models as the dealerships try to make room for the incoming fleet. New-model-year cars and trucks will begin appearing on lots in the fall of the previous year. In order to have stock on these new vehicles, the dealerships have to make room — and that means dealerships (and the manufacturers) want to move older models off the lot and ideally in the hands of a new owner and they are usually able to give even deeper discounts to close the deal.

Holiday Weekends

You may consider timing your buying trip to double-up on opportunity: Holiday weekends like Labor Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day or even Thanksgiving can offer significant savings. Dealerships advertise huge deals and sales events during these periods to play into the consumer purchasing momentum so it is an opportunity for you to go with the flow and win. A lot of people don’t want their holidays spent in a car dealership, but it may be the opportunity to save you’ve been looking for.

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